DunAn Sensing: Durability, Reliability and Affordability

DunAn Sensing: Durability, Reliability and Affordability

Tom Nguyen, CEO , DunAn SensingTom Nguyen, CEO
The Internet of Things (IoT) is a reality today, engendering skepticism, and excitement in technology circles, and is being touted as the next big thing influencing every industry from energy, healthcare, retail, smart manufacturing to smart buildings, automotive and banking. However, this super-connected world would not be possible without sensors, actuators and other Micro- Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS). Superseding the traditional, expensive macroscale sensors, MEMS are rapidly gaining traction in HVAC industry to measure pressure and airflow in systems for improving operating efficiency and reliability. However, “the challenge is to make MEMS pressure sensors affordable and compatible with the media in the HVAC/R industry,” begins Tom Nguyen, CEO, DunAn Sensing. Manufacturers in the HVAC industry forage inexorably for ways to enhance energy efficiency and comfort, and curb down costs without compromising their products’ quality. Tending to this need, DunAn Sensing develops high-performance yet cost-effective pressure sensors, transducers and transmitters for HVAC/Refrigeration, automotive and other industrial sectors.

Since its inception in 2014, the company’s leadership, having years of experience in MEMS pressure sensor industry, has been developing innovative pressure sensing solutions to overcome the two most pressing challenges in the HVAC market today— delivering comfort and energy savings. Steering ahead of the traditional-type packages involving welded metal diaphragm and cavities to be filled with oil for measurement in harsh media applications, DunAn Sensing leverages its innovative patent-pending MEMS packaging technology—DURAsense. The distinctive feature of the pressure sensor products using this packaging technology is that the sensor elements are not disconnected from the media being measured. “Our proprietary packaging technology DURAsense stands for durability, reliability, and affordability,” extols Nguyen.

Our proprietary packaging technology DURAsense stands for durability, reliability and affordability

The firm’s MEMS-based LP and HP series of pressure transducers have been specifically designed for HVAC and refrigeration applications. These products cater to the rapidly growing demand for lower costs, higher overpressure capabilities, improved overall accuracy and more stringent ESD requirements in the HVAC/R space. Elaborating the conception of LP and HP series, the CEO points out, “Organizations in the HVAC industry underrate a sensor’s accuracy in delivering energy saving and comfort.” The firm’s LP and HP series have been developed keeping the need of high accuracy, long term reliability, and durability in mind. These products measure low pressure refrigeration applications to meet cost-effectiveness in the most demanding environment. Illustrating an example Emilio Salvioni, VP, Business Development, DunAn Sensing states, “Refrigerators and air conditioners get colder when it’s hot outside and when it’s cold they shut down. Pressure sensors installed into the systems allow better controlling. Instead of oscillating between extremes, with our sensor solutions you can have a very accurate control of comfort temperature occupancy, room condition, to minimize the energy consumption of the overall system. ”

Besides serving the HVAC/R industry, DunAn Sensing’s affordable OEM pressure sensors are tailored to fit any specific application across various other industrial sectors like Automotive, Medical, and Aerospace. The firm’s CP Series Sensors, piezoresistive silicon pressure sensors, are used in 7cost sensitive application and media compatibility in medical instruments, and air flow measurement whereas YIC series finds application in industrial fields requiring small dimensions and high reliability.

DunAn Sensing looks forward to steer ahead with an aim to provide high performance sensors at affordable cost, to assist organizations stepping into areas of IoT and home automation.