Curb: Intuitive Technology for Green Energy

Curb: Intuitive Technology for Green Energy

Erik Norwood, Founder & CEO, CurbErik Norwood, Founder & CEO
The world we live in is moving toward green energy where residential solar energy systems optimize their production to match the energy consumption at home; an electric car that stores energy during the day and powers the home at night; and devices at home that optimize energy consumption automatically. “CURB was designed with the vision of this home energy evolution—helping manage this ecosystem,” says Erik Norwood, Founder and CEO. As a home energy intelligence system, Curb provides sensors that connect directly to the breaker box—monitoring every device running on electricity. These sensors work in tandem with CURB software to deliver actionable information for end users in home, condominiums, and residential apartments. With accurate insights, CURB prevents overutilization of power and facilitates smart maintenance of appliances to keep the energy costs in check. Connected via powerline to home, CURB’s circuit-level electricity monitoring, real-time reporting, smart alerts, and remote energy controls make it an affable solution that provides complete control over the home energy consumption.

CURB is fully capable of connecting with the homeowners through mobile and web apps, delivering detailed information on energy consumption in an easily understandable format to make intelligent decisions while on the go. With CURB, customers get live feedback of current energy usage in terms of watts. The report can have the projection of dollars per hour, day, week, and month. Live reports in the form of detailed graphs are delivered to the user, depicting accurate measurements of the wattage that appliances are using in real time, revealing the cost data for each appliance. By finding the issues— whether it is the HVAC system or the solar panel–Curb supports accurate and quick decision-making to streamline the production and consumption of energy.

CURB was designed with the vision of this home energy evolution— helping manage this ecosystem

The device also sends personalized emails on a weekly basis, reporting the power usage that helps in tracking energy budget and identifying the trends in energy consumption. The report also contains insights into how the user can improve their energy consumption.

Additionally, as CURB distributors, solar panel installers gain competitive edge by delivering more ROI than any other legacy installers. As customers leverage CURB to monitor and manage their solar energy production, overall power consumption behaviour, and instantly find the device or the appliance that require maintenance, more customers approach CURB partners. The insights also help users in getting an estimate of the individual production of each solar panel over time. For instance, Krannich Solar, a leading solar panel distributor, partnered with Curb to help solar panel installers incorporate a solution that empowers end customers through energy literacy. With access to actionable data, end users can be smart about energy production and consumption. CURB enables Krannich to follow up with their installer partners, creating a unique market opportunity for increased sales and market recognition.

As the smart home ecosystem is estimated to grow from the current $3 billion to $18 billion over the next decade, Curb remains buoyant with its team of data scientists and product engineers to develop cutting edge technology for incorporating richer energy data. In its pursuit of realizing green energy, Curb leads the smart home revolution through inventive data monitoring and predictive actionable analytics.